What The Fool Knows


The Fool. Number zero. The eternal seed.

Beginnings. Blind optimism. Innocence and naiveté. Instinct. Not insight or intuition as much as that gut feeling. The inkling you don’t understand and can not explain but are drawn to believe in. Raw and uncooked talent. Such potential is signified by this card. Potential for achievement just as much as disaster. Positive and negative answers and intonations should be gleaned from other cards in the reading if that’s what you’re looking for.

Our Fool in this classic image is light on his feet, on a journey, and with energy like he shows here, I don’t believe he’s come very far so far. His little yapper at his ankles, dancing along with him… or is he warning him? Our Fool is about to step off the cliff if he’s not careful! His trusty companion is a symbol of his primal brain. White, symbolizing innocence and purity, like the flower in his hand. The dog represents the intelligence we have even if we have no book learnin’ at all.

He carries a purse at the end of a long staff, propped carelessly over his right shoulder. This staff is also read to be a wand, the suit of fire and inspiration. He doesn’t care that he has the very tool to bring all of his dreams into reality in his possession. It points directly over his shoulder toward the sun. 

He is on a journey of the self. Many teachings of the Major Arcana will call The Fool “our hero,” because each of the other 21 cards will be a lesson being learned by him. They say that the Major Arcana is a story of growing up being told through the eyes of this person. 

“I repeat: Let no one take me for a fool. But if you do, then tolerate me just as you would a fool, so that I may do a little boasting.”
2 Corinthians, 11:16

This seems as auspicious a place to start a blog as any. 

It’s a cliché, but it is said because it is known. The humble fool who knows they are a fool is wise. Not just because they won’t mislead anyone with their opinions for facts, but also because they operate on a level where the world isn’t tinged with all the sticky connotations and conditioning that we, all of us, have grown to accept. I appreciate the archetype of The Fool for their innocence and clarity. There is no lint of social imprinting on the canvas yet. Blank slate. A little humility goes a long way in this world, I think. But only a little. A lot will get you trampled. 

But the sight of a mountain excites them and they must climb it, and further, they must dance along the edge. The exhilaration is not in the safeguards and the plan, it is in the possibilities on the other side of that jagged range. If you go back and look at that card, the daunting mountains in the background represent a daunting journey. Does he look like he minds? 

Yes, I’m painting the fools of the world with a broad brush. I’m inspired by the tarot today. 

I would like to start hatching out of my cipher-shaped shell and getting onto the path toward my destination, myself.

I think I will start with sharing some of the things that I know. Beginning with tarot. I think that I can get a lot of interesting blog posts out of the deck. Even if I’m not wise, then I can certainly find some things that I’m knowledgable about. I have things to share. I’m tired of being so humble so much of the time. I’m not a baby anymore. It’s time to honor that.

I also plan on sharing my study of the things that I am learning. Things that I’m trying to figure out. Like, how to stay present with my children when all I want to do is run away from them. Or how to keep house, like, at all. Or quantum physics and chaos magick. How to cook is another mountain I need to tackle.

This will be a place for a lot of these items.  



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