When people are sorry
How people are sorry
Why people are sorry

I can feel sorry, but I don’t have to apologize
I can forgive, but I don’t have to say so
Taking all the pieces apart and laying them out in front of me, all,
This nut fits onto that screw which belongs in that hinge which swings open that door which holds in the tubes which deliver the product…
To take things apart in such a way
That you remember how to put them back together
Sometimes, that’s the most important part

How do I take me apart and
Tear myself down and
Piece by piece maintain and cleanse each knobbie and doodad
Look at a thing and observe it
Witness the things
Learn from the things
Setting them in order on a sterile hand towel as I dismantle
From outermost to innermost
Surfacemost to coremost.
See-me-most to know-me-most.
So that every time I have to go be a human
I can throw myself back all together again in a matter of moments

When a component is a liability
How the component is a liability
Why a component is a liability

I don’t want to hear about it
I have to hear about it
Let’s talk about it


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