Word of the year: Well-Being

Well-Being. Wellbeing. Being well. Being a well.

Being the well in the room.
Being the one they can draw from.

Being well for myself, first and foremost, but with the intention of sharing the overflow. The wellspring, direct from the earth. The water coming up from the earth.

Being the Water of the Earth. Being the Queen of Pentacles.

Last year my focus of energy was intended to be the Queen of Wands. The Water of Fire. And I did make progress with her. I am satisfied with where I am as a result with my work with her. I think it was the best I could manage, and the most I could handle without losing my mind.

This year, Well-Being is my focus, and in this very roundabout way, it makes sense to me that it brings me back to the tarot.

I’ve been working with the many different ways that cards can be read, and this winding path from Wellness to Queen of Pentacles reminds me of reading cards. Following my intuition, following my mind’s tongue, like intuitive writing, speaking in tongues, my associations travel along this slope picking up meaning and depth and breadth as it falls.

So here I am. Well-Being is the word of 2017. And it’s so loaded. In the sense that a paintbrush becomes loaded with paint or you load a backpack before a long hike.

Well-Being is the focus. For me, and then for them.


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