Lofgren’s Syndrome

I’ve been diagnosed with an acute case of sarcoidosis. Lofgren’s syndrome. It’s rare. It causes hot, angry lesions on the legs, arthritic inflammation in the joints, malaise, fatigue, fever…
It’s been scary, but at least the prognosis is good. I shouldn’t really be plagued with it for more than another month or two (and probably, hopefully never again), but longer cases have been recorded.

And it’s so interesting that the scariest thing that’s ever happened to my bodily health is beginning on the coattails of my decision to be well this year. In my last entry, I spoke about how the word of 2017, for me, is Well-Being. The synchronicity of the situation is amusing. I’d be silly to ignore it.

(Full disclosure: I’m currently preheating the oven for a frozen pizza, and drinking whiskey at 9:00pm. But the pizza is meatless).

Guilt wouldn’t serve anyone, though I do feel a bit guilty. My fortune is such that my husband has a decent healthcare plan through his employer. This healthcare plan has a fitness initiative kinda offer where you pay $25 a month to use any and all gyms in my area which participate. And there are three. Within 2 miles of me, there are 3 gyms that I can go to. Three gyms, three group fitness schedules, three locations I can consider depending on my location on any given day. It’s nothing short of wonderful.

I signed up for this as a step in my ladder to Well-Being, but I think probably perhaps spurred on by an ache in my bones. I was starting to wake up and stagger to the kitchen for my coffee. Staggering and waddling in a way that reminded me of someone much older (and much bigger) than I felt like. Or that I felt like I should feel like. And the weird thing was that I was getting progressively more achy. And also I had this hard, red, hot spot on my right leg about 3 inches in diameter, and WTF was that about? I ignored it for about a week, and went to the gyms a couple times and enjoyed my time there, until waking up in the morning and standing erect became a chore.

A couple blood draws and a chest x-ray later, I was diagnosed. And I’m so lucky my primary care team knew what they were looking at because a lot of people go a while without a diagnosis with stuff like this, and even endure a biopsy and need appointments with specialists… but I didn’t. My primary care practice figured it out with 2 blood tests and a chest x-ray. I’m very grateful.

But I have a new and very potent motivation for getting up and out to the gym when I am able. Because I can. For a little while there, I thought I could have lymphoma or leukemia or something else hard to shake. But it turned out to be something I can beat, more than likely. And that is a warning.

I will get fit this year. I will be well.


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