Hangovers Are No Excuse – #noexcusemom2017

I live in a fabulous community in the city. Our neighborhood is full of kids my kids’ ages. The parks are great, and they’re everywhere, and they’re full of these kids and their caretakers and parents, so we all get to know each other.

We (the parents and caretakers) are also pretty organized. We have an active Facebook group and hold regular game nights and nights out. Third Wednesday nights are “Dad’s Night Out” where the dudes go out to a local bar and chill. First Wednesdays are “Mom’s Night Out,” and that was last night.

These moms are really fantastic people who know how to, every now and then, at least once a month, let their hair down and carouse (with the cell phone very nearby in case of emergency…). Last night, for the monthly MNO, we accidentally picked a bar which was hosting karaoke. This… was bad news bears for my plan to be in for a couple pints, and then home before I drank too many calories and stayed up way too late. I DO LOVE to tear it up during karaoke. And I did.

I am pretty sure I was in bed before 12, but drunk sleep is awful sleep. I woke up pretty sluggish and feeling a bit yucky. Being sleepy makes me hungry. And being hungover makes me want to eat all the fatty, fried, junky, dirty foods. Greasy spoon breakfast or a big fat cheeseburger is like a balm to my inner hungover, underaged-drinking, juvenile offender.

But I’m not a kid anymore. As I approach middle age (that’s right, I said it), I’m still having to deal with this inner delinquent’s drives and desires. I HAVE kids now, and they’re watching me. Of course they don’t know my inner dialogue, admonishing myself, and criticizing my choices (just kidding, I regret nothing about last night), but kids are insightful. And they do bear the brunt of my moods and energy levels.

Anyway. Today I was thinking of eating the most greasy and un-vegetarian things, but I did not. I drank lots of coffee. Then I washed that down with lots of water. Then I made good choices. I had a reasonable breakfast. I did some yoga. I played with my kids.

When lunch rolled around, though, I was ravenous and nothing looked good. Nothing but something that I could obtain from the dark side (Grub Hub).

So, I told myself, “self… eat a salad. I know it doesn’t sound good, but here’s the deal. You can do whatever you want to it. Don’t use the lite dressing. Use the creamy stuff. Use a lot of it. Eat the croutons. Parmesan cheese… Just EAT THE SALAD.”

And I did. And it was delicious. It was a 600-calorie salad, but I enjoyed it very much. AND it took the edge off the wickedness. I’m even going to the gym when my spousie gets home.

I went off the rails last night (and really kinda all day yesterday), but it’s day 11, and I’m back on now!


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