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#NoExcuseMom A.F.

So, I’ve joined in a bit of a friendly competition with a country full of moms who want to make some positive changes in their lives. Fitness-wise, mostly, I presume. This is the No Excuse Mom 12 Week Transformation contest. $40 buy-in, and three places to win in gift card and prizes. Every 3 weeks, … More #NoExcuseMom A.F.


There are pieces of me I’d like to honor. Shards of my personality that edge out into the open, part of the way, or most of the way, sometimes, or never. There are people that I have been, either in my mind, or in real life. In my own perception, and as a matter of … More Still

Lofgren’s Syndrome

I’ve been diagnosed with an acute case of sarcoidosis. Lofgren’s syndrome. It’s rare. It causes hot, angry lesions on the legs, arthritic inflammation in the joints, malaise, fatigue, fever… It’s been scary, but at least the prognosis is good. I shouldn’t really be plagued with it for more than another month or two (and probably, hopefully … More Lofgren’s Syndrome


When people are sorry How people are sorry Why people are sorry I can feel sorry, but I don’t have to apologize I can forgive, but I don’t have to say so Taking all the pieces apart and laying them out in front of me, all, This nut fits onto that screw which belongs in … More Blocked